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Body Cream No.1 – Large 500ml


Those who easily or consistently have dry skin on their arms and legs. Those who find regular body moisturisers somewhat ineffective.  Those who have dry powdery or rough skin on their legs and arms.

Thick and rich with a matte finish that is not oily.  Can be scooped out of jar in a large amount that will not drip or slide.  Easy to handle and spread.


Thick on your fingers Body Cream No.1 is easy to scoop out and apply.  High in Shea Butter it has a lasting coverage with a matte velvet finish that is not too glossy on the skin.  Made with natural skin occurring actives that improve how your skin feels, making it smooth to the touch, well hydrated and soft.  Effective enough to suit those of you who are, despite good intentions, irregular in using skin protective products.  Made with plant oils both solid and liquid and only essential oils for scent this cream does not introduce a chemical burden on the skin.  Mindful of your important skin micro biome we do not use ingredients that kill or hinder it, as the skin micro biome also crucially contributes to skin health.  Body Cream No.1 has Orange, Mandarine and Neroli essential oils for uplifting freshness and Cedarwood for depth and complexity. Body Cream No.1 is effective enough that its use is not required everyday.  The lactates and urea we add supplement the skins own levels enough that it takes some days for the levels to deplete again.  Use initially everyday for three to four days then every other day is ample.  If skin is always consistently dry then use everyday may be required or for very dry or exposed skin a further supplementation with our HydraLac may be required.