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Botanical Face Cream


Those with reactive and sensitive skin.  Those that are unable to use our Luminous range.  Those that have citrus allergies and those that need to very selective about their ingredient list for skincare products.

Botanical has a low soft scent from Rose and Blue Tansy.  It feels refreshing on contact then settles to a creamy comfortable finish.


Botanical is made for exceptionally sensitive skin.  If your skin is not normally very sensitive please click over to our other moisturisers.  Everything about how Botanical is made is considerate of it having to work for reactive and sensitive skin.  The carrier oils, regardless of other qualities I may love about them, are included or omitted on their merit of being inert and non reactive to the skin.  Skins that know rosacea, swift blood flow increases, rapid inflammatory responses and eager unpredictability need every ingredient to have a solid reputation for being good or helping sensitive skin. This leaves formulators such as myself a rather small and special collection of ingredients to work with.  Highly reactive skin is also sensitive to changes such as temperature and dryness and the weight of the cream needs to be considerate of this.  Botanical has a slightly richer feel than Luminous and this is usually very welcome by the skins that need it. Botanical has a much less complex load of essential oils sticking to only two that I find are most helpful while imparting a pleasurable scent.  We also utilise  the anti inflammatory effects of niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which allows sensitive skin to enjoy the same level of anti oxidant and anti pigmentation effects as Vit C and A offer the rest of us. Botanical can be used night or day, by itself or in a rotation with our Resplendent or Rectifying Serum.  It is a pale glossy cream that has a soft but firm texture.  The moisture content from Aloe gives Botanical that cool refreshing feel initially then the oils, Shea and Lanolin give the lasting soothing feel throughout the following hours. If you experience more serious dryness with your sensitivity I would recommend using Resplendent during the evening or whenever your skin may be in more unstable environments such as windy days or cold snowy environments.