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Hydrating Serum


Those experiencing a water loss in their skin leading to the skin suffering dehydration and possibly also redness, inflammation or peeling and lifting of the skin.  Those who are on an anti pigmentaation regime and those who need optimal skin cell growth regulation  by the presence of Niacinamide on the skin.

This is a water soluble serum that is clear and has a viscosity that produces thin strands when separated  between the fingertips (evidence of the hyaluronates).  It feels soft and silken and refreshing.  This Serum contains no thickeners and the viscosity is from the hyaluronates alone.  It feels cool and quenching when applied and absorbs quickly.  This serum requires a moisturiser to be worn over the top.


Hydrating Serum is a formulation of Hyaluronates and Niacinamide (vit B3).  Hyaluronates are the natural water binders in your body and provide the watery environment between your cells, the lubricating fluids in your joints and the deceptively complex nature of the extracellular matrix that provides the important barrier and cohesion properties of your skin. When skin is depleted in Hyaluronates it tends to fray, lift, and dehydrate.  For this induces dryness and for some also redness, micro biome encroachment to lower skin layers and irritation.  Using Hydrating serum reintroduces hyaluronates which the skin uses to reestablish itself over the following hours or days bringing relief to those who suffer irritation stemming from dryness. Hydrating Serum also  contains Niacinamide a very helpful vitamin for the skin that settles irritation and inflammation while still giving anti oxidant properties and helping to decrease irregular pigmentation. Hydrating Serum is helpful for all skin and is delightful  to use under our Resplendent Balm particularly for those needing help for red, dry and irritated  skin or those that live with the unpredictability of Rosacea. Niacinamide is also an important ingredient to use when dealing with abnormal pigmentation marks and should be a part of any program aimed at reducing this.  Hydrating Serum or our Rose & Orange Toner should be chosen for this concern.  Both have the same levels of Niacinamide, though the Rose & Orange Toner has less hyaluronates therefore having a less hydrating  feel on the  skin. Use everyday under our Luminous, Botanical or Resplendent.