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Those with skin that can be unstable, irritated or frequently dry.  Those who need a lot more nourishment than they used to.  Those who are often in dry or cold environments, those who can quickly develop colour in their cheeks and those who love a heavier rich textured product.

Resplendent is water free and feels quite different to other creams.  A small amount is taken into the fingers or palm where it will soften and melt before being applied to the face.  Over the next 30 mins it will penetrate further and further until it reaches a velvet smooth feel.  Can be used on damp or dry skin.


Resplendent is a product where its name is so much more understood after you have used it.  Originally designed and made for highly reactive and very dry, fragile skins Resplendent very soon became a favourite to all.  Unlike our vitamin enhanced products that encourage specific cellular behaviours and outcomes Resplendent is all about calming, protecting and deeply hydrating.  It provides a barrier between the skin and the external environment that allows the skin to recover and correct itself underneath.  When the skin enters into a continuous dry cycle its growth patterns change and the protective lipids it produces alter and become less effective further exasperating the cycle. The microbiome also changes  with different species achieving dominance or subsiding significantly, greatly changing  the complex matrix of compounds that work together for a healthy, stable, robust skin.  Skin can, in this cycle,  become red and inflamed in large sections or in small raised red spots.  It is, for all, a very troublesome and uncomfortable time. Resplendent has an incredible feeling of comfort from the moment it is applied.  It quietly allows the skin to recover by providing a stable, consistent, environment enabling the many interlinking normal processes to begin again and follow through unhindered.  It makes the skin incredibly soft and reduces redness giving a clearness and comfort some have rarely been able to achieve before.  It is also very helpful for skin that is undergoing breakout or perio disturbances in the mouth to nose region. For those of us with less significant concerns it is a wonderful feeding, calming and softening change to wear of an evening, waking up to witness the work it has done overnight. If you are often in cold, dry, windy environments walking, or skiing it keeps the skin comfortable and protected.  Our Vit C&A Oil is wonderful blended with it as is our Hydrating Serum.  When I am camping and having long periods fully exposed outside it is what I take. Welcome to Resplendent.  I hope it serves you very well.