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Vit A & C Oil


Those who experience ups and downs with their skin from the flux of life.  Those who need to even out skin pigmentation.  Those who need to reenergise  the skin.  Those who are sporadic skin care users and need a high strength  product to bump them back into optimal skin health .  Those who have been unwell and their skin is suffering.  Those who have skin that has lived more than a handful of decades and requires a higher vitamin supplementation than those who have not.  Those who are often outside for extended periods.

A well absorbing oil that brings a sense of comfort upon application.  Smells distinctly of  Frankincense softened with Rose as well as the earthy and nutty scents from Vit E, Pumpkin Seed and Rose Hip.  Does not feel heavy on the skin due to its fine texture but will be able to be felt on the skin for the first 30mins after application.  Once absorbed and incorporated in to the skin over the following  hours the skin changes to feel smoother, softer and look more bright and healthy.  Prolonged use increases this effect due to reducing uneven pigmentation  and improving skin cell growth and integrity.

Improves scar outcomes when used daily to give a finer more discreet scar that is smoother  and more settled into the surrounding skin tissue.


A highly dosed vitamin oil to supplement the skins crucial requirements of Vit A, C and E.  The effects of their presence in the skin is evident after 4 to 5 hours once their arrival has become part of the skins cellular functions of that day.  Numerous things can lead to a vitamin depleting  event in the skin where normal skin function can be delayed or altered while awaiting a new supply of these three vitamins to arrive to the skin area.  Vit C&A Oil is providing a consistent lasting dose to the skin whenever it is applied and this leads to a kickstart in certain skin functions that we experience as a softer, clearer, brighter, smoother skin.  On a cellular level these outcomes are due to improved cell health, improved intercellular matrix, reduced cellular death from photo damage, reduced cellular damage and death from a high free radical event, reduced DNA damage and therefore better cell growth with less abnormalities as well as increased collagen growth, elastin growth, basal cell growth and decreased melanocyte activity. These 3 vitamins have both a synergistic effect and also numerous independent functions in the skin, they each are anti oxidants that neutralize reactive molecules in the skin (free radicals), Vit C and Vit E greatly reduce the negative effects of UVB light on cells and their DNA, and Vit A plays an important roll in cell renewal.  Vit A and C are required  for the production of collagen and elastin and new  tissue growth when injured. A vitamin is a compound the body needs to function but one it does cannot produce itself.  Crucially these compounds are also essential to body function and their absence leads to disease, or if their absence continues, death.  Long term optimal levels without frequent intervals of deficiencies leads to a skin that visibly looks clearer and suffers far less abnormal growth over the decades of someones later life. Vit C&A Oil is great to use after or during a period when the skin is suffering from a depleting event or surface trauma.  This may be a period of sickness,  a nutritional downgrade in food, a moderate poisoning from a singular high alcohol intake,  an overdose of UV exposure,  a skin injury or surgery,  a period of grief or high anxiety, perhaps a period of neglect or prolonged exposure.  During these times the skin to us appears to be dull, dry, rough to touch, darkened and can be red or inflamed.  In these times the body or skin may require  vitamins at a rate  higher than the individuals diet is supplying, or that the body can shunt to the skin.  This is the reason topical supplementation in the skin has such a visible effect. Vit C&A Oil can be used daily for those who are outside experiencing high doses of UV exposure to mitigate and repair the effects this exposure has.  It is very beneficial for those who are older where some cellular functions slow down.  The presence of these vitamins kickstarts otherwise slow cellular functions leading to more vigorous and healthy skin growth. Vit C&A Oil is as much a skin rescuer for those of us who are innately irregular in our habits, as it is an important long term contributor to great skin outcomes later in life for those who are self regulating and disciplined.