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Rose & Orange Toner


Those who are on a full vitamin allocation program.  Those who have current sun damage visible, those who have uneven pigment distribution.  Those experiencing acne.  Those who want a little more hydration in their skin.

Light and refreshing with a soft rose scent lifted with subtle orange blossom.  This toner is as liquid as water is but has a more slippery silken feel from the hyaluronates.  Use under a moisturiser day or night or both.


Rose & Orange toner is refreshing fluid made with rose water, orange blossom water, Niacinamide and a small amount of hyaluronate.  Rose & Orange Toner is left on the skin and not washed or wiped away.  This toner is a very good delivery system for Niacinamide and provides a lighter hydrating effect than a traditional serum formulation does.  Used with Luminous or Resplendent it provides just a little bit more of a full hydrated feeling without feeling heavy, tacky or overloaded.  Skin that is normal and sometimes requires more help to feel well hydrated likes this toner. Niacinamide is a very effective anti oxidant but is also important in regulating melanin release for those who have uneven pigment distribution in their skin or those dealing with significant long term skin exposure to sun and outdoor life.  The use of Niacinamide gives the same soft, smooth feeling to the skin that Vit C does as the skin growth is visibly and texturally improved. It is my belief that Niacinamide should be a vitamin that has life long use on the skin to achieve the clearest, least damaged skin later in life.