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Luminous Face Cream 15%


Skin that requires active compounds to assist and influence cells to grow well. Helps skin grow normally when hindered by sustained exposure to sun, sub optimal nutrition and changes that occur as we age.

Luminous feels refreshing and cool on application. It has a medium to thick density feel that is creamy and full bodied.  It leaves a velvet feel on the skin with a luminous hydrated appearance.


Luminous 15% is a sophisticated synergy of science and natural skincare.  Luminous brings you an elegant blend of plant ingredients, some being Shea Butter, Camelia Oil, Avocado Oil and Aloe enhanced further by adding vitamins C, B5, A and E. The result is a face cream that transcends the ordinary, offering a quiet but profound transformation for your skin.  This formulation is designed to engage the deeper layers of your skin with thoughtful precision, lightening pigmentation, increasing smoothness and delivering a luminosity consistently even when you are feeling low.  Luminous gives life long strong antioxidant protection, the effects of which become more and more evident over time as the skin continues to grow healthy and unhindered by exposure and damage accumulated through many decades. Luminous 15% is also made for those who are likely to only use one product consistently, those who have a very demanding life where they really need one powerful product to hold them over till their life yields a little, allowing them space to consider a broader or more involved routine.  Times like when a family is very young and a mothers or fathers time is almost fully given to others.  Perhaps a time of pain, sickness or struggle where the simplest approach is needed but when, more than any other time, a good outcome is deserved and certainly needed. Luminous 15% is an ode to the acknowledgement that natural is best and that science and understanding of skin function makes indeed the perfect synergy.