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Deodorant No.2


Everyone who aspires to keep molecules in contact with their body of a natural unaltered origin.  Those who have tried natural deodorants but as yet have failed to find one they really like.

Creamy, soft and smooth with a matte almost dry feeling coming from its water free formulary and the smooth and fine plant butters and powders it contains.  Smells soft and mellow while still having a fresh undertone from a little peppermint.


This natural deodorant is soft and matte feeling, easy to scoop out of the jar and is invisible on the skin.  It comes packaged in a small metal tin that is easy to put in a bag and move around with you. A smooth product that has very little feel on the skin.  The essential oils keep the aurelius bacterial species population low (the species responsible for the underarm odour) while subtly imparting their unique blend of scents into your awareness.  Natural deodorants work by using bicarbonate to hold the perspiration pH steady while the essential oils inhibit bacterial growth.  These two important ingredients are held in a water free cream of Shea Butter, Arrowroot (to absorb some moisture) and Cocoa Butter.  A small amount is spread onto the underarm area where it immediately softens and blends with the skin.  This deodorant is often only required every other day. Made with Cedarwood, Lavender, Patchouli, Peppermint and Lime, this Deodorant has a softer, more mellow scent than Deodorant No1 which is more fresh, lemony and minty.