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Green Clay Mask


Those who need a deep cleanse or hydrating refresh.  Those who have blemishes or congestion.  Those who need to refresh after a day in the sun.

A cooling and refreshing mask that is very smooth in texture.  As creamy as it feels this mask will give a deceptively effective exfoliation.  If allowed to dry a significant tightening sensation will be felt.


Green Clay Mask is made from a very fine grained clay known as Illite. The algae and kelp that have broken down to become part of the clay present its green hue.  Green Clay gently purifies and decongests, cleansing the skin of residual oils, spent micro biome and salts.  Green Clay Mask is a dry powder enhanced with hyaluronates, copper and botanical extracts and can be used on individual spots or the entire area. Left to dry the clay has a significant drawing and purifying action.  Kept wet and the hyaluronates will time to really hydrate and counter the oil absorbing action of the clay. Green Clay Mask is great to use after sun exposure and allowed to stay wet.  Blemished skin loves Green Clay Mask to be applied overnight and it also makes an effective, gentle and comfortable exfoliant.