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Zinc Sunblock


Those who are frequently in the ocean or swimming pools.  Those who need a sunblock to have good staying power.  Those who perspire a lot and find sunscreens irritable to the eyes.

This sunblock is water free and is easy to scrape out of the tin.  The sunblock melts with pressure contact on the fingers.  Has a comfortable velvet feel from the zinc and has no scent.  Does not sting the eyes or skin.  Though zinc is stable in the sun and does not breakdown we recommend reapplying after an hour to account for the sunblock being constantly wiped from the face and eyes while swimming.


Zinc Sunblock is a water free formulation designed for high moisture and complete water immersion environments.  A firm paste that softens once on your warm fingers.  Rub a little between your hands then pat and blend over the face, chest, shoulders or area you are wanting to protect from the sun.  This sunblock contains no essential oils, emulsifiers or water soluble compounds making it very stable and compatible with the skin or eyes.  If you perspire heavily when in hot work environments this sunblock will not sting the eyes if it follows perspiration down your face. Provides a full broad spectrum protection that will only decline with physical removal of the product from the skin through clothing friction or frequent wiping of the face or body while swimming or laying on the beach.  We recommend hourly reapplication. This Zinc Sunblock is completely clear and does not leave the skin with an opaque look.