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Discovery Pack 1


Those travelling who do not want to take full size products or those who want to find out more about what we make and how our products feel before moving to full sizes.

A milky type cleanser that is velvet soft while still refreshing, rinses well. Smells herbal, mellow.  Luminous Face Cream is a refreshing thick textured cream with a soft, refreshing low sheen finish. Rectifying Serum has no after feel, worn under Luminous.  Vit C&A Oil has a light oil finish with a frankincense scent. Green Clay Mask is a very fine powder that gives a smooth gentle polish, can be left to dry or used in the shower.


A pack to discover us and what we do, or a pack to take with you while you are discovering distant places.  Made to last up to a month with a selection of products to cover most arising situations.  Our refreshing and soft Milk Cleanser 50ml, our healing and smoothing Green Clay 30g, our always needed Luminous moisturiser 20ml, our rejuvenating Vit C&A Oil 7ml for when you’ve been going hard and the ever handy Rectifying  7ml for smoothing and hydrating a thirsty or congested skin. Together these form a comprehensive skincare pack addressing everyday situations as well as dealing with more significant  problems like excessive sun exposure, congestion or dehydration. Discovery is indeed a great joy.