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Rectifying Serum


Suited to and beneficial for everyone.  Though more crucial for some more than others.  Those who can experience roughened skin on their face such as eyebrows, under a beard, on the nose or around the mouth area.  Those who have congestion.  Those who can experience perio dermatitis or eczema on their face.

Rectifying Serum has only a very slight residual feel and needs to have a moisturiser applied over it.  On the finger tips it feels like water only more slippery, more silky.  When applied the Lactates can have a short lived mild prickly feel for skin that is quite dry or broken.  Rectifying absorbs quickly leaving a barely discernible feel.  It contains no oils, emulsifiers or thickeners.


This is a product everyone should have at home.  Its use, for most of us, is not everyday but the work it does is important and physically beneficial. Rectifying Serum, as I have named it, rectifies problems.  The ingredients in Rectifying are only those that your skin currently produces, albeit for many of us in varying amounts or insufficiently, so it is very well received by skin of all varieties. Rectifying smooths skin by dissolving and dislodging those surface cells that have died and are still clinging haphazardly to the surface, hence its first effect is forming a skin surface that feels very smooth. Its second function is to make the remaining cell layers adhere correctly to themselves and  hold the correct water, lipid and ceramide content.  This effect makes the skin more hydrated to feel and touch but also allows the skin to maintain a well functioning barrier preventing the skin micro biome from penetrating the deeper layers of the skin and causing immune responses and inflammation. Rectifying Serum also softens and dislodges material that often builds up in the top of skin pores having an important role role in clearing and preventing pore congestion. Material such as dead skin cells, micro biome debris, dried and hardened skin oils that for some can easily accumulate and lead to problems. For most of these skin behaviours Rectifying achieves these outcomes quite quickly and its use is only occasionally or moderately needed.  An expected usage would be two or three times consecutively, then it is put away once the issue is rectified and used again if the problem reoccurs. For others that have persistent and ongoing skin shedding, dryness or congestion its use may be needed for longer consecutive days or consistently every two or three days.