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Luminous Face Cream 5%


Those whose skin is generally healthy and doing well while experiencing the usual waves of change relating to congestion, mild dryness, roughness of dullness.  Those needing a standard to low dose of vitamins as their skin is primarily getting the nutrients it needs through a good diet and correctly functioning body systems.

Luminous of all strengths feels creamy and fresh.


Luminous, the first product I made, just for me actually.  Something to “do it all” when my large family was very young and I spent my days walking many miles from bedrooms to the laundry to the kitchen to the bathrooms seemingly over and over again.  When I got a quiet moment after or before a shower to assess how my thirty something body was travelling I wished I could get my four or five seperate face products into just one product.  That I could manage.  My skin at the time could still get a little congestion, could feel a little rough and if not looked after would feel somewhat dehydrated and could definitely look dull.  I was worried about sun damage as I played sport and was outside a lot with the children while also attending to gardens, chickens, guinea pigs, and a large yard. Luminous was made exactly for this time of my life and has stayed important and valid ever since.  Luminous comes in different vitamin strengths to help with different stages of life and different behaviours evolving from one persons circumstances to the next. The more exposure a skin has had, or the marks and pigmentation a skin has or the more Luminous needs to do for you the higher the vitamin dose you choose.  If all things are going well with skin generally consistent and steady, looking clear but needs some protection and can get some congestion bumps here and there then use this Luminous standard.  Standard Luminous keeps skin free from small blackheads, keeps skin feeling smooth and fresh and provides adequate vitamin requirements for a skin that is young and functioning well. If there is more work than this to be done or your skin is going to be exposed a lot to sun and dry outdoor life or you are unwell/experiencing nutrition deficiencies then a higher dose Luminous 10% or luminous 15% should be chosen.