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Energising Massage Oil


Those who feel tired, unable to move forward and start anew. Those who benefit from circulation improvements.

Quite fine on the fingers with medium skin absorption allowing time for massage movements to be performed.  Smells citrus fresh, green and minty.


Energising Massage Oil is fresh and uplifting with citrus oils of grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and lifted further with Spearmint.  Made to lift and renew a mind and body that is tired and feeling stuck in one place but wanting to be in another.  For someone who wants to get on their feet and move forward. The Oils we use are a blend of fine plant oils for good absorption with a smaller amount of heavier more viscous plant oils to allow for a good glide over the skin from a skilled massage therapist or the caring hands of someone close to you.  The oil may be left on the skin (I recommend) or partially removed with iced damp towels.