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Face Lotion 15%



Males and those who like a moisturiser with a lite minimal feel.  Those who are outside a lot, have rough skin, congestion or who need to reverse and prevent sun damage or adverse skin effects from polluted environments.

Feels refreshing and light. Absorbs quickly with a non greasy feel.  Skin feels refreshed, smooth and hydrated, maintains this feel consistently when used daily.


Face lotion 15% is light textured and portion controlled.  The scent is woodsy, herbal, fresh with cedar wood, clary sage and bergamot.  Face lotion contains vitamins A, B5, C & E. Together these noticeably keep the skin in good health.  This is noticeable in how it looks long term, how it feels short term and how it has grown long term.  Ideal for those who like minimal feel and prefer a pump dispenser.  Made with only fine textured liquid oils and no solid fat or waxy oils.  The absence of synthetics, texturises, spreading agents, volatiles and synthetic fragrance also plays a part in the skin being able to grow well without being hindered, obstructed or deteriorated.  This is especially true for keeping the microbiome of the skin healthy and untroubled as well. The vitamin load in Face lotion 15% is our maximum range the same as our Luminous 15%.  Collectively the four vitamins minimise damage, allow timely execution of cellular functions, particularly when cells have been damaged by UV light, illness, poor nutrition, excessively dry conditions or a microbiome disruption.  Initial use of Face Lotion yields a skin that feels very smooth and looks fresh and bright.  Long term use yields a skin that is clearer of marks, scaliness, redness and general signs of a skin that has had difficult exposure and poor nutrition. The aim of all our vitamin products is to provide consistent everyday supply of essential compounds the skin needs but cannot manufacture itself.  When these compounds are in continuous supply on the surface the skin is able to complete necessary biochemical functions as their need arises.  Over a lifetime the difference in a skin or an organism that has had these needs met consistently and one that has not is indeed quite significant.  Healthy skin for life is our business.  Whether you want to or not is up to you.