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Hand Cream No.1 500ml


People who have a disposition to dryness and hardened or peeling skin on their hands.  Those who have to often use alcohol  on their hands or work in trades that can dry out or unbalance the skin on the hands such as bar work, concreters or those in health.  Suitable to all other people who like to look after the skin on their hands throughout life and want a hand cream that smells very good, is effective and feels great.

Refreshing on contact with a nourishing softness that still allows you to go about your day without being hindered by having greasy hands.  The scent is citrus, softened with cedarwood and geranium to give a fresh wooded herbal scent.  Hand Cream No1 has a scent that is intended to be appealing to everyone.


This Hand Cream has a thick texture that gives a matte immediately comfortable and easy finish.  Made to nourish but also to significantly soften hardened, thickened skin of the finger tips or joints that can often split, crack or peel and then become sore.  Made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera and numerous cold pressed plant oils this hand cream is natural and healthy and helps the skin overcome dryness so it can grow more normally. Made with added Lactates and Urea for instant relief and noticeable softness as the day progresses.  Replaces the natural levels of urea and lactates that become low when the skin is very dry leading to hardness and a lack of flexibility.  Also very helpful for psoriasis and eczema like conditions. Use as required until condition improves.