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Headache Ease Balm


Those who often feel tension that unravels your good intentions for the day.  For those who are hindered by nausea or need more than a walk to ease anxiety.  For those who love the scent of cornmint.  For those who habitually rub their neck or press their brow.

Both cooling and warming this balm silently awakens your mind to its presence.  A solid balm that melts on skin contact for ease of use.


Introducing our Headache Ease, your companion in finding solace amidst the discomfort of headaches.  Made to effect the pulse points it is applied onto the neck, temples, base of head or wrists in times of headache pain, stress, nausea or anxiety.  Made with all natural ingredients for compatibility and comfort this Headache Ease comes in a small round tub that is easy to travel and move about with through your day.  Made with essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender and Rosemary the scent is sharp and refreshing with a strength able to cut through the chaos that the above conditions entail.  Lavender and Rosemary known to relax take some of the sharpness of the peppermint scent giving a soft end to the scent as you breathe it in.