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Australian Native Bath Salts


Those who seek the benefits of a good immersion in water warm, hot or cold.  Those who have undertaken a period of physical exertion and need to soothe a sore body.  Those who need to still and quieten a mind, relieve or break a period of anxiety.  Those who value a time to daydream and those that love water.

Our Australian Native Bath Salts smell like the Australian bush, fresh but rich, light but complex, sunny and uplifting.  Made with Eucalyptuses, Myrtles, Honey Tea Trees and Kunzea.  The salts and clays soften the water giving a conditioning effect which is also imparted to the skin.  Soothing, comforting, renewing and calming.


Australian Native Bath Salts are blends of different origin and composition salts as well as fine mineral clays, carrier oils and native Australian essential oils.  Our intention with formulating this product was to provide ingredients that enabled relaxation, remineralisation and skin softening with a scent that was in varying ways familiar to all Australians  who seek an outdoor life in our varied forrests, bush and open plains.  We have included pink salts, magnesium salts and dead sea salts to collectively make up a broad trace mineral content of magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, bromine, potassium.  The salts present are Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride.  Some soften skin, some relieve muscle tension, some provide that softening relaxing sensation. The clays present give the bath a milky colour and add a silken feel to the water while having a contribution to absorbing some particulate compounds from the skin.  The oils present further soften and hydrate the skin while the essential oils selected are responsible for taking you somewhere beyond the confines of the bathing room.  Somewhere your imagination takes you when you dream and relax, a place that is known only to you.