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Nutrient Hair Conditioner 500ml


All hair types.  Those who need a good conditioner that keeps hair in great condition and those who have hair that needs encouragement to be silken and smooth.

Nutrient Hair conditioner is a thick creamy consistency so it is easy to apply without falling off the hands.  The ingredients instantly give a very smooth comb through as they give each hair strand glide and smoothness over each other.  this ability for the individual strands to be smooth and free moving stops entanglements and futher abrasions during the day.  Rinses very well.


This hair conditioner is made to smooth hair strands enabling the hair to sit well. Hair conditioners close the hair scales covering the outside of every hair so each hair strand is smooth and easily slides over other hair strands without being snagged or caught.  You feel this as smooth silky hair.  The high amount of Argan Oil gives hair a healthy natural lustre.  Nutrient Hair Conditioner keeps hair in optimal condition so the ends do not fray and break as quickly.We make this hair conditioner with a thick texture so it is easy to handle and apply.  It instantly gives hair easy comb through after shampooing and also alleviates dry flaking or itchy scalps with our addition of vitamins, lactates and soothing essential oils of chamomile, mint and blue tansy.  Add more conditioner to the ends of the hair than to the top and massage into scalp well.  Use as regularly as you need.