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Soft Face Wash


Those who always prefer a foamy type cleanser that has no residual feel when rinsed.  Those who have quite a strong oil flow.  Those who have or are prone to congestion.  Those who like to have the choice of different cleansers depending on how their skin is feeling on any given day.

Clear  cool and refreshing with a delighful full but rounded lemon scent.  Will develop an open type lather with larger bubbles.  Easy to spread and rinse.  After rinsing and toweling dry the skin will feel depleted of oils on the surface as this is the nature of foaming type cleansers.  Please provide a clean new layer of oils through our Face Lotion, oil type serums or Luminous Face Creams.


Soft Face Wash is our foaming gel wash. Made with gentle surfactants that are not as strong as the lauryl sulphate family so are not as drying and do not cause the same disturbance or possible irritation.  Our Soft Face Wash is scented with essential oils of Lemon and Lemon Myrtle so it smells rather fresh in the mouth watering way that citrus does.  Gel type face washes like ours are still rather efficient at removing oils from the skin and, unlike our Milk Cleanser or Cleansing Oil, leave no clean oils in replacement.  It is very important to replace these oils with a moisturiser immediately after you have dried off. Soft Face Wash cleans the skin of oils, spent moisturiser, make up ect and is best suited to those who are quite oily and can often or continuously experience congestion.  Please ensure the wash is rinsed off well so there are no residue surfactants sitting on the skin during the day. Some people like to use our Soft Face Wash in the warmer months when their oil flow is higher and our Milk Cleanser or Cleansing Oil in the winter.  Some people like to have our Soft Face Wash as their occasional cleanser for those days they need a stronger surfactant type cleanser compared to their emulsion type.