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Pregnancy Massage Oil


Those in the 2nd or third trimester of pregnancy when the skin in the abdominal area is undergoing the most expansion.  Those experiencing itching associated with skin when it stretches.

Fine and silken to touch.  Absorbs well while still allowing time to massage the skin with adequate slip.  The scent is soft, herbaceous and a little round and sweet.


A fine textured plant oil blend made with consideration of the expansion skin undergoes during pregnancy.  This oil contains naturally occurring fatty acids and lipids that the skin requires for growth to help cope with the stretch and expansion in the months of growing a baby.  We also add vitamin E for extra skin support and delicate essential oils to aid in the itching sensation skin can have while stretching and growing. The massage action of applying this oil also moves and circulates blood through the area which otherwise can become strained from the pressure and weight of the growing womb in pregnancy. The oil is fine in texture to absorb well and feel comfortable, has a pleasant scent that only purely natural ingredients can give and with regular use ensures the skin comes through this time as healthy and unchanged as possible.