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Sleep Balm


Those who dread the dark hours, the long, long nights of quiet and solitude uninvited.  The consciousness that disobeys the order for calm, still and sleep. For the adult and the child.

A soft balm that will melt on the fingertips.  A complex scent somewhat herbal, somewhat soft, somewhat fresh but altogether pleasant and implying already, when only just in the nose, that it is indeed relaxing.


Sleep Balm contains a collection of essential  oils that are known scientifically, or known through reputation and association down through the ages, to help those who dread the night.  While some essential oils such as Lavender, Chamomile and Blue Tansy have had their components well studied in the scientific world for their calming and relaxing effects, many other essential oils have not and I have had to go on their long standing reputation only.  So this Sleep Balm has part scientifically documented and part non scientifically documented ingredients.  Why? Because the reputation and history of these oils for helping sleep I could not entirely ignore.  So here they all are, in one jar for you to judge.  The only oil I have added not related to the topic of sleep is Lemon.  This I did because the scent of Chamomile, in particular is pervasive, heavy and not overly pleasant.  The small amount of lemon gives the balm a nice lift and companions well with a strong oil such as Chamomile. Sleep Balm is very similar to our Sleep Blend, however we have formulated it to be skin contact ready, whether for infants, children or adults.  Massage on the back, chest or inside of limbs as part of that winding down routine before bed. For infants it may be the  bath, sleep balm, feed, lights down, cuddle, bed routine. For a child it may be dinner, bath, sleep balm, story, lights down, bed. For those of us adulting independently really the same applies.  Sleep balm on inside of arms, chest or behind knees a good 30 to 40 mins before lights out, accompanied by a slow lead up time to bed with lights down. For us in production Sleep Balm must be made late in the day, because we too get sleepy when we make it.  A large hot 30Lt pot of Sleep balm quite takes the air out of our sails and its home for a very, very simple dinner. We hope you find it helpful too.