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Soft Clay Wash 200ml


Soft Clay Wash suits those with skin that feels a little rough, or a little dry, or a little oily, or perhaps all of these, all at once.  For those that have substantial inflamed acne we find our Soft Face Wash is a better option.

Soft Clay Wash feels smooth and creamy with the clay giving it a little more body than our Milk Cleanser.  It contains essential oils that are herbal, woody and fresh.  The clay is not particularly felt due to its fine nature until the cleanser is massaged into the skin and henceforth rinsed.


Soft Clay Wash is a soft milky type wash also containing a very fine clay.  Milky type cleansers like our Soft Clay Wash are creamier than foaming type cleansers and contain far less foamy surfactants than gels do. This cleanser cleans with an emulsified mixture of water, clays and oils and a low level of surfactant.  The result is a very clean and smooth feeling skin that is comfortable and soft.  The added clay gives this cleanser a gentle exfoliating effect and although this clay cannot necessarily be felt, due to its very fine texture, its smoothing effect is certainly evident once the cleanser has been rinsed. Soft Clay Wash is good for people who like to exfoliate but need to do so in a well balanced manner.  Soft Clay Wash is also good for those who need to clean a little deeper without using a foaming, soapy type cleanser.  Good for those who can regularly feel a little rough around the nose or chin. Those who regularly get blackheads and congestion.