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Sore Muscle Massage Oil


Those who have gardened, those who moved house, mowed the lawn or resumed gym after a long break.  Those who need relief from aches and pains.

Apart from the fact this product is very helpful the scent is wonderful.  Deep, intriguing and yet refreshing.  Menthols, mints, lavenders, blue tansy.


From time to time our actions go beyond what our body can comfortably take.  We all know how this feels, the stiffness, the aches, the wait for your body to work through the aftermath and get all things in order once more.  This blend of oils and essential oils is my personal favourite oil but I love smells of menthol and wintergreen.  Some essential oils are used for opening up blood flow to bring the materials needed for repair.  Some essential oils are for anti inflammation and others for calming and settling and a small number for warming.  The result is an oil that when rubbed in well brings relief  to sore areas that lasts as long as the essential oils are active.  This product shares some ingredients with products like deep heat.  Not for face or eye area.  Use as often as needed.