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Eye Cream


Those who like a specific product made for the eye area.  Those who find face creams are too heavy or irritating around the eye area.  Those who have a disposition for puffiness or irritation under the yes or in the eyelid area.

Very soft and silken, spreads well.  Has a smooth glide application and a well absorbed comfortable finish.  Has a subtle scent from Blue Tansy and Rose.


Our Eye Cream has the texture of a creamy gel that feels soft and gives a little more nourishment than a gel alone.  Made with Niacinamide to have an anti inflammatory effect and hyaluronates for extra hydration the Shea butter gives enough body without being oily and creeping into the inside eye area.  We make this in a pump with a small volume dispenser to enable the product to stay fresh while ensuring the small amount needed is easily dispensed.