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Lemon Peeling Mask


Those who have a robust skin that is generally healthy and stable but benefits from an exfoliation  from time to time.  Those who have an older skin where a good peel gives a more vigorous grow back advantage.  Those who like the smooth hydrated and increased vitality look that a good skin peel delivers.  This is not suitable to reactive skin, skin that gets redness easily or very thin skin.

Feels thick and creamy and upon application will feel cool and refreshing. The effect of the acids will build over the following minutes giving rise to a prickly, stinging sensation which may be very mild or quite significant depending on your skin condition or type.  The longer the mask stays on the further the effect of the acids will be.  After rinsing off the skin may be red and warm to touch.  Once settled skin will feel smooth, soft and hydrated with roughness gone.


Lemon Peeling Mask is a mask made for those who enjoy the benefits of an acidic peel.  Made with lemon juice, citric, lactic and malic acids. This product is acidic and will have a prickly feeling and give colour to the skin.  The purpose of Lemon Peeling Mask is to soften and dissolve the very top cornified  dead skin cells.  This makes the skin feel smooth, soft, clean and hydrated.  This action also stimulates new skin growth similarly to trimming back growth on a bushy hedge plant stimulates a thicker foliage growth.  The creamy texture of Lemon Peeling Mask is the carrier for the acidic ingredients and allows a slow release into the skin rather than an instant bang effect of salon peels.  Leave for 5 to 10 min maximum.  Rinse well and protect the newly exposed skin layer with our Resplendent Balm. Use only sporadically and no more than once a week.  Avoid using Rectifying Serum for the few days following the use of this mask.  Use two days before an important event such as a wedding to allow time for any colour in the skin to settle. Good to use as a periodic boost to skin growth particularly if skin is feeling sluggish, rough or congested.  This is not a product to be used for sensitive skin.