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Lip Balm


Those who get rough lips, peeling lips or are in dry air climates like snow, wind or dry open plains.  Those who ride a lot or those who have excessive peeling from other brands of lip balm that contain softening enzymes such as papaya.  Those who like to know its ok to eat what is on their lips.

Creamy and matte with a satin smooth feel rather than an oily slippery feel.  Stays firm in the jar and melts on skin contact.  Has a subtle chocolatey scent from the cocoa butter finished with a vanilla and orange scent  that is creamy and soft.


Lip Balm is made with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to give a substantial body that feels more like your natural lips do and not so oily or slippery.  Conveniently Cocoa Butter has a melting point about right on your body temperature which means it softens beautifully on skin contact.  We soak vanilla beans in the melted oils and use orange essential oils at the end to give a creamy, orange popsicle kind of finish scent wise.  This Lip Balm can be used without weakening or over softening the lips, meaning it does not cause peeling or an addiction to lip balms.  Many commonly available lip balms soften the lips so much that the lips are unable to withstand normal exposure due to their own barrier compositions being compromised by products such as papaya.  Use as needed by rubbing a fingertip over the surface and applying to the lips.  Ok to be ingested and apply as needed.