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Restorative Serum


Restorative serum is for those who need to heal, soothe and nourish a skin in a simple uncomplicated way.

Restorative Serum feels fine and delicate on the fingertips.  It absorbs particularly well to leave a soft matte finish.  The scent is herbal, soft, more of a comforting warm scent than a fresh vibrant scent.


Restorative Serum is made for skins that are experiencing some issues that require the skin to heal.  Issues such as mild red spotting from inflamed clogged pores. Ideal for a skin that is otherwise growing well and does not need a more complex ingredient formulation.  A skin we want to help but not necessarily disturb too much. Restorative Serum is a water free product made up of fine textured oils that have similar profiles to the fatty acids and lipids the skin makes itself.  Made with Jojoba, Argan, Borage and Raspberry oils Restorative feels quite light to wear.  We use a selection of essential oils that are known to ease inflammation and slow bacterial growth to help the skin and its micro biome regain its normal homeostasis. Restorative Serum contains essential oils of Chamomile , Blue Tansy and Yarrow (all chosen for their naturally occurring Azulene content) and essential oils of Tea Tree, Cajeput to slow the population growth of the acne aurelias bacteria and Dermadex that are responsible for hair follicle infections. Use daily as you would a moisturiser.  Best applied to damp skin as this absorption and gives the most comfortable finish.  A few drops may also be added to an existing moisturiser to gain the azulens and anti bacterial effects.